Wiretap is trusted by senior executives at innovative public and private companies.

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Wiretap Ventures is a strategy and management consultancy for technology companies who know they need to transition to a software-driven business model but just aren’t sure how to get there.

Technology executives today already recognize that mobile devices, virtualization, software-defined networking and cloud computing are causing a seismic shift toward a software-driven economy. The challenge lies in finding and capitalizing on opportunities in a rapidly changing arena.


Wiretap Ventures provides unmatched leadership and experience to CEOs, boards, and investors so they can take advantage of new software-driven business models. Six of the top ten networking and virtualization vendors rely on us because we deliver practical, real-world advice on a developing industry.

As company founders and seasoned operating executives who’ve built software businesses, we’ve developed distinct insights into the business needs of the Fortune Global 2000. We help you define real opportunities to build high-growth, high-margin, and highly defensible businesses.

While you focus on what you do best, tap into Wiretap Ventures to deliver the market intelligence, strategy, product, and route-to-market you need to achieve results in today’s new markets.

What we do

As social, mobile and cloud adoption exhaust the capabilities of traditional IT approaches, software-driven business models help you tackle problems of efficiency, scale and innovation.

Wiretap Ventures provides innovative leadership, investment strategy and operating plans so you can successfully leverage your organization’s unique resources through software-defined networks, cloud or SaaS software platforms

Market Validation and Strategy Development

Cloud platforms and software-defined networking are so nimble compared to traditional networking models that coming up with product concepts can feel easy. The hard part lies in specifying the right product for the right market. Wiretap Ventures tests concepts against potential target markets, taking your ideas for potential markets and fleshing them out so you understand the markets’ key attributes and product requirements.

Product and Service Definition

Wiretap Ventures helps you detail the salient elements of product architecture and the design points that go into it. We narrow and define the minimally viable product requirements for:

  • software-defined networks
  • cloud platforms


  • SaaS software platforms, and
  • specific applications running on platforms

We work closely with you to develop business justification, marketing direction, product design, and user story creation to speed the route to market and maximize profit.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Services

SDN has the potential to dramatically shake up the $40 billion networking market, leaving many organizations scrambling to stake a claim. Wiretap Ventures helps you navigate the SDN and NFV jungle with:

  • SDN and NFV market landscape and market forecast
  • SDN and NFV analyst services
  • SDN and NFV product and solution testing

Recognizing the widespread need for SDN and NFV information and community, Wiretap Ventures partners Roy Chua and Matt Palmer also established SDxCentral.com, the Trusted News and Resource Site for SDx, SDN, NFV, Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructure.

Matt Palmer

Wiretap Ventures Partner and Co-founder Matt Palmer has seven issued and six pending patents in software-defined networking (SDN), security, and cloud computing. With more than 20 years of experience in computer networking, SDN, NFV, cloud computing, and SaaS, Matt also is a partner and co-curator at SDNCentral, the leading centralized source of news and resources for network virtualization and SDN.

Prior to co-founding Wiretap, Matt successfully incubated and launched Pareto Networks, an early cloud networking company, which was acquired by Aerohive Networks. As co-founder and CEO of Pareto, Matt was recognized as Most Innovative Cloud Computing Provider at UP-START 2010 and Hot Emerging Vendor by CRN Magazine.

Matt previously was VP of Enterprise Planning and Operations at Juniper Networks, where he led the Enterprise Business Team and was responsible for managing Juniper’s $500M enterprise business. He held various executive roles at Juniper and Netscreen leading security and enterprise networking strategy and corporate development activities, including strategic partnerships, investment, and M&A. Matt also led business development at Qualys.

Matt received his BS in Business Management from Indiana University. Check out Matt’s LinkedIn profile; follow him on Twitter; or join Matt on Facebook.

Roy Chua

Wiretap Ventures Partner and Co-founder Roy Chua is an entrepreneurial marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in enterprise SaaS, cloud computing, networking and security. Holding several patents in network and distributed identity management, Roy also is a partner and co-curator for SDNCentral.

Prior to co-founding Wiretap, Roy was VP of Products at 41st Parameter, an online fraud prevention company, where he led the transition from on-premises to an SaaS offering. He also held consulting VP marketing roles at early SDN companies such as XORP, as well as at enterprise SaaS and security companies . He was also co-founder and VP of Products/Marketing at Identity Engines, an Enterprise security company acquired by Avaya. Prior to that, Roy was Director of Product Marketing at Spirent Communications, responsible for its layers 4-7 networking product lines. He joined Spirent via Caw Networks, which he co-founded, and where he was responsible for taking the Avalanche™ product from concept to award-winning product and growing revenue to $25M+ in less than three years. Roy also worked in marketing management and engineering positions at Auspex Systems and Cisco Systems.

Roy received his MBA from MIT's Sloan School of Management and MS and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley. Check out Roy’s LinkedIn profile, or follow him on Twitter.

How we do it

At Wiretap Ventures, we’ve tapped into our experience to develop a unique approach to strategy, market, and product development. We take the time to examine your specific use cases and make sure you understand the strengths and limitations of your current software and hardware.

Tackle challenges intelligently

Successfully executed software-driven business models hold tangible potential to expand and scale your business. But the transition from a traditional IT model brings uncertainties and growing pains—particularly when the industry itself is changing so quickly. Our clients include six of the top ten networking and virtualization vendors. They trust Wiretap Ventures to guide them through challenges such as:

  • How to evaluate and prioritize new market opportunities
  • Whether an existing company can be pivoted into a new market segment
  • When to transform an existing product, service, or customer base from a physical solution (appliance) to a virtual (software-based) solution
  • Whether to transform an existing virtual product or service from a single-tenant, software-based solution to a multi-tenant SaaS cloud solution.


  • How to work with Sales and Marketing to develop and implement effective route-to-market strategies and operating plans to meet the growth, scale, and profitability requirements of the business

We stay up to date on the latest industry developments so we can help you create a realistic and sustainable business model for this stage of the market.


Our process typically spans 30 to 60 days. We start by leading client teams through our methodology to validate markets and identify opportunities. We use proven business and financial models to help you identify and prioritize the biggest opportunities and define the actions you need to achieve success. After extensive, off-site market research and client collaboration, we adjust and validate our findings and work with you to prepare for board-level reviews.

By working together, we help you build consensus in the organization so you can quickly capitalize on software-driven business opportunities.

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Wiretap is trusted by senior executives at innovative public and private companies.

We’ve helped our clients answer questions such as:

  • Where do I start when building a cloud or SaaS offering?
  • What's the competitive landscape today? Where will it be in 12 or 24 months?
  • What's my unique, sustainable competitive advantage?
  • How do I transition my business model from product sales to a services and subscription model without negative revenue impact?
  • How do we find "Act 2"?
  • How do I get customer traction for my new product and market?
  • How do I strategically price my SaaS or Cloud-based offering?
  • What technology bets should I place for the next 5 years?